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Kirsten McCrossan is a Scottish drama practitioner who has been delivering drama workshops in schools across the UK, from Sunderland to Shetland since 2004.


Kirsten set up The Drama Box to inspire more teachers to use more drama through attending professional training and learning online.


Kirsten has an online training course available on and she is also available for twilight sessions and in-school demos.




My week with The Drama Box

By thedramabox, Nov 2 2018 03:45PM

Hiya, Anne here! I thought I would share with you a wee summary of what I've been doing with The Drama Box this week. I was really excited to do work experience that was involved in Drama and the Arts as I’ve been doing drama for 10 years. I’ve been volunteering in drama classes at Largs Youth Theatre for 2 years and a few months ago I was accepted into the Junior Conservatoire at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland for Musical Theatre, which assured me that I wanted a career in this industry.

On Monday (my first day) I threw myself straight into The Drama Box’ pupil workshops and helped Louisa lead 3 P7 classes. This was a great experience because I got to see how pupils can go from being super shy and quiet to totally confident and full of ideas just in an hour and a half. The next four days, I was in the office with Amy, and learned how to use Stencil, Biteable and Canva which I had some fun using to make cool marketing tools and twitter posts. I took the Teachers Online Course which I enjoyed because it showed how drama ties in with the curriculum which I'm sure is important to many teachers. I used Capsule to gather information about a ton of Scottish schools. I really enjoyed using my own knowledge of drama games to create two One Page Wonders and I loved being creative with drawings and ideas for the twitter posts.

This week, I’ve seen so many different sides to the business, from their products (pupil workshops, teachers online course, etc) to marketing (social media, colour scheme, fliers) to the more corporate side of the business (phone numbers, emails, addresses). I’ve learned a ton about how drama can help kids become so much more confident and social and how it can really prepare them for the world of work.

The marketing side of things was really new to me, but I absolutely loved it which made me think that this might be something I would like to do a bit further down the line (although my heart still follows the stage).

This experience could not have been better and I couldn’t imagine doing my work experience anywhere else!


From Anne

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