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Kirsten McCrossan is a Scottish drama practitioner who has been delivering drama workshops in schools across the UK, from Sunderland to Shetland since 2004.


Kirsten set up The Drama Box to inspire more teachers to use more drama through attending professional training and learning online.


Kirsten has an online training course available on and she is also available for twilight sessions and in-school demos.




We have LIFT OFF!

By thedramabox, Nov 3 2016 12:42AM

Wow wee. So today was the day when everything just came so perfectly together for The Drama Box Ltd.

Three years ago I owned and ran a fantastic children's drama school In Edinburgh. The transformations that I was witnessing within the students were phenomenal and I could see that right in front of me drama was changing the lives of these young people and allowing them to be comfortable, confident and happy within themselves.

I wondered how amazing it would be if I could spread the effects of drama participation all over the world and not just in a small area of Edinburgh. I wondered how I could encourage more children to do more drama.... well today I can say this is starting to happen.

I have spent the last three years developing training courses with the aim to inspire more primary teachers to be confident with using more drama. The Drama Box Ltd was officially started in August 2016 and already I have had the absolute pleasure of working with many primary teachers from all over Scotland and beyond.

Today I was working with probation teachers from West Dunbartonshire Council. The probationers are doing four weeks of twilight drama sessions with me and today was session two of four.

The first thing I asked was if anyone had managed to use any of the drama teaching structures or techniques we had covered in the previous session. What came next was phenomenal...

One teacher has a lively p6 class of around 28 pupils. Not only had she tried out the techniques with her class, but she had discussed drama with them, discussed drama vocabulary with them, used one of the exercises as a starter for persuasive writing within literacy, used an exercise to bring topic work to life and used an exercise as a cool down in PE. The way she described how her pupils had enjoyed, questioned and embraced the new drama activities was brilliant and her own personal surprise at how all of the class had responded positively was wonderful. This was from a teacher who had described her feelings towards teaching drama as being 'basic and limited' just a couple of weeks before. Hats off to her for taking her new learning straight back to school and completely going for it! Lucky pupils!

Another teacher has a large class of p3s and had also tried out of the sections of the warm-up with the pupils. She had also used this in another curricular area, this time within physical literacy. This teacher explained with a bright smile on her face how her pupils had all shown outstanding focus within the game and that the game had had a real lasting calming affect on the whole class. She also explained how her class had been completely engaged in the exercise and excited by it. The thing that inspired me the most was that this teacher had taken the exercise from The Drama Box training and adapted it to suit that particular lesson and by doing this created an entirely new version of the game with different aims and objectives - this is what it is all about - taking that creative ownership.

The third teacher was planning on using another drama structure the next morning with a large p7 class and using it to explore WWII. She said it would be the perfect lesson to allow her pupils to explore the knowledge they had already been learning before. She enthusiastically told me she would drop me an email to let me know how it went - and I cannot wait to hear what happens!

So now I know that these three wonderful teachers have been inspired to use these ideas from The Drama Box and that already there are their 80 pupils all doing more drama.

The start of something very special...

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